Some Creative And Effective Energy-Saving Ideas

In this article, we will discuss some really effective and creative tips for saving energy. digital signage Malaysia These tips will keep your electricity bill down to an extent. We will discuss some common changes which you can make around the house in order to save a sufficient amount on your electricity bill. digital signage Malaysia price

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The very first creative idea is to opt for musical showers. Buy a Bluetooth speaker which is waterproof. Pick a song from your play list every morning while taking a bath. Start your shower when the song starts and finish your bath as the song ends. This creative way will work only if you will not do any type of cheating. With this way, your bath will be done within 4 to 5 minutes and thus you will switch off the geyser and your electricity will be saved. 

If you have kids at your home, try and arrange a competition for them with prizes that whosoever will save the most, he or she will get the prize. Or you can do one thing more; you can offer them smaller gifts every time they do small energy saving in building. You should also put a penalty system that whosoever will be seen doing any wastage of energy, his or her points will be cut down. This looks like silly but believe me it will actually work. In greed of gifts and toys, they will surely do extreme savings. 

Conduct an energy audit on your own. Check your annual electricity consumption in your annual bills. Set your target that this year you have to beat the last year’s record of your annual energy consumption and then look for the measures which you can opt for in order to save a big on your electricity bill. This will surely work. All you have to do is stick to your target.

Plan a detox night that means just like a candle light dinner night. In a month, you can arrange this night. On that night, no cooking, no TV, no electrical appliances, and just one light in a room.  Bring some snacks and enjoy yourself with your family in that one room. On that night, you have to say no to all the electrical equipment. Try and arrange this night this month and you will surely see the difference. 

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Count how many electrical appliances are there in your home except the refrigerator as it has to remain on every time. So, now count these appliances and if they are 5 in number, switch off the 3. Keep the remaining two appliances on. Opting for this creative way of saving energy, you will surely see a big difference in your utility bill.  Gambling

So, these are some of the creative and effective ways with which you can be able to cut down on your electricity bill to an extent. casino These creative ways will enable you to see a big difference in your utility bill if compared to the previous annual bill. So, opt for these ways today and start saving energy at home. 

New Test Detects Prostate Cancer In 20 Minutes

According to the website of the National Cancer Institute (INCA), prostate cancer in Brazil is the second most common among men , second only to non-melanoma skin cancer. Also according to the institute’s website, if we consider absolute values ​​and both sexes, prostate cancer is the second most common type.

Unfortunately, the disease has resulted in a high number of deaths in recent years. In 2020, for example, the estimate of new cases was, according to INCA, 65,840 and the number of deaths, in 2018, was 15,576. In short, one of the main reasons the numbers are so high is the late diagnosis of the disease. Unfortunately, there is still a certain blockage and a strong prejudice among some men about prevention.

The good news is that, according to a publication by Reasons to Believe, this whole sad scenario could change soon.


It seems that men will no longer have to feed the prejudice that exists around the preventive exam for prostate cancer, as a group of Korean scientists have just created a test that, in addition to using Artificial Intelligence, has an ultra-sensitive biosensor, which, together, are able to identify the disease in just 20 minutes. And the most amazing thing is that the test is done using urine and, amazingly, it has an accuracy rate of 99%.

As reported by the publication on the Reasons to Believe website, the test was designed by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology. The research behind the development of the new exam was led by the institute’s chief scientist, Kwan Hyi Lee.

Those who carry out the exam can discover whether or not they have developed prostate cancer due to the presence of the biosensor, which is installed in a strip, similar to those used in pregnancy exams. As soon as the urine comes into contact with the biosensor, the Artificial Intelligence present in the exam uses an algorithm to determine the final result. The analysis, therefore, is done in two steps.

According to Lee, “this test will avoid a series of procedures, often invasive, that the patient must undergo to diagnose cancer.” Due to the high precision that the exam offers, patients will no longer need, for example, to perform biopsies. Furthermore, it is also believed that medical costs should be greatly reduced.

As it is new, the exam must still go through some new assessment phases.

Prostate cancer

According to experts, prostate cancer evolves silently. Many of the patients who are diagnosed with the disease have no symptoms. Those that usually show signs are mostly simple, such as difficulty urinating or needing to urinate more often during the day or night.

In its advanced stage, the disease, as experts explain, can cause pain in the region, generalized infection or kidney failure. With or without symptoms, the best way to fight prostate cancer is early detection of the disease. In short, the most successful strategy against the disease is to find the tumor at an early stage. In these cases, the chance of eliminating the cancer is much greater.

As most of us know, detection is basically done through clinical, laboratory or radiological tests. In people with signs or symptoms, – which generally belong to groups with a greater chance of having the disease – specialists resort to the use of periodic exams, such as digital rectal examination and blood tests, essential to assess the Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) dosage.